More than a hundred years in Laederstraede.

One of the medieval centre of Copenhagen’s old and exclusive antique shops dating back to 1907 is alive and kicking.

Springsteen, Cash and Streep amongst other notabilities have paid a visit to the shop.


It’s not everybody that knows that Laederstraede used to be the towns best­assorted antique street. This has changed due to the price and general development in the town’s medieval centre. But one of the oldest shops in the street has managed to survive. H. Danielsens Eftf. situated in no 11 turned a 100 years old in the summer of 2007 and although the name (Eftf. means successor) indicates otherwise, its still the same family, that has been running the tradition filled shop through all the years.


Driving the milk wagon was not enough

It all started in 1907, when madam Anne Knudsen (1854 - ­1931) at the Copenhagen City Council applied for a license as second­hand dealer, which back then was quite a privilege. Especially because madam Knudsens’s husband already had a license to drive around the Kings Garden selling milk from a wagon. But his earning, in madam Knudsen’s opinion, was not enough and she therefore decided to start her own business.


Mr. Knudsen died in 1917. The couples beautiful daughter, Astrid, that lost her promising husband, Oscar Kronquist who was a silversmith working with Georg Jensen, too early ­ emigrated to America to seek for happiness. Madam Knudsen then hired a young assistant, the guardsman Hans Peter Danielsen (1877 - ­1953). Young Danielsen by nature was gifted with a commercial talent for both purchasing and selling. The business rapidly grew and became the city’s leading shop for second­ hand silverware.


Hans Peter Danielsen had a very kind and uncomplicated way of dealing with the customers, who in return trusted and respected him. He never married, even though some claimed he was married to his own wallet. He always carried it around and had absolutely no confidence in banks. However it has been told, that he anonymous was very generous towards the indigent fellow citizens. Hans Peter Danielsen eventually took over the business in 1930 and now the shop signs displayed his name. There was no money between him and madam Knudsen. The deal was that he was to support her financially until she died and she actually passed away the year after.


Springsteen, Cash and Streep

When Danielsen died in 1953 he had already bequeathed the shop to Harry Kronquist, who was a grandchild of the founder of the business, madam Knudsen. His family, the Kronquist’ had over time acquired both the building where the shop is situated and the neighbouring building.


From 1970 Harry Kronquist’s wife Ellen started to work by his side and eventually also their son Jens, was included in the business – although he would rather work as a musician. But from 1976 he worked fulltime in the shop.


His father Harry died in 1988 and his mother Ellen passed away in 2003. Since then Jens Kronquist as the fourth generation has been running the tradition­filled antique shop on his own and he has had the privilege of being visited by The Boss, Johnny Cash and Meryl Streep. H. Danielsens Eftf. name is known far beyond the borders of Denmark and the shop is today a part of a widely spread network.